Nurturing Australia's next generation of travel startups

Coming in 2017

Our Mission

We aim to create and operate a collaborative startup program focused on travel technology that will nurture the next generation of travel companies and entrepreneurs.  We believe that by creating a cohort of like-minded, industry   related startups, partners and mentors we will create powerful synergies and opportunities that will lead to the next big thing in travel.

Who Are We

We are a leading independent technology, travel and hospitality group with over 25 years experience in the industry.  We are focused on investing, developing and nurturing businesses that align with the Si philosophy.

We look for synergies within our overall structure that allow us to consolidate functions and accelerate growth for our businesses together.

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The Program


A 6 month startup acceleration program aimed at growing, educating and scaling the next generation of travel startups. With industry partners, handpicked mentors and a customised education program tailored for each startup, we will help early stage startups launch, grow and scale.


A collaborative co-working space designed for travel startups where they can cohabitate, learn, leverage and grow together. Members also gain access to the partners, mentors and network from the Accelerate program. We have packages to accommodate startups of all sizes.


With a network of partners and investors looking to invest in the next big thing, we aim to be able to connect and guide our startups through the difficult and confusing world of capital raising.

We offer free consultations and assistance as well as consulting packages to cater for all needs.

The Location

We are located in the historic Exchange Hotel building in Balmain, where we have spent 6 months renovating and restoring the building to accommodate an office space, a co working space and a wine bar.

The space is unique and offers our employees and our startups a place to thrive.  We offer 24/7 access, super fast internet, chill-out areas, sleep pods, hot desking, ideation rooms, kitchens, plus a Wine Bar and many more facilities.

We are building the next hub for travel innovation in Australia.

Our Partners & Mentors

We are looking for strategic partners across multiple sectors to join the team and help make this program a success.  We want to give our startups the best chance by giving them access to the best people and services.

If you are interested in joining our team of partners and mentors please get in touch.

Slipstream HQ

94 Beattie Street,
Balmain NSW 2041,

+61 408 606 467